Important information for recipients of citizen’s allowance

16. Februar 2024

Below you will find a list of useful information for recipients of the Citizen’s Allowance, based on the current legal framework:


Persons who have their habitual residence in Germany, have reached the age of 15 and have not yet reached the age limit for the standard old-age pension, are able to work and cannot or cannot sufficiently support themselves from their own income or assets are generally entitled to a citizen’s allowance.

Amount of the citizen’s allowance

The amount of the citizen’s allowance depends on the needs of the individual or the community of need. It includes the standard requirement for living expenses as well as the reasonable costs for accommodation and heating.

Offsetting income and assets

In principle, your own income and assets are offset against the citizen’s allowance. However, there are allowances to ensure that work is worthwhile and that there is an incentive to take up work.

Obligations and sanctions

Recipients of citizen’s allowance are obliged to actively participate in measures to integrate them into the labour market and to take up work, training or further education. Breaches of these obligations can lead to benefit cuts.

Additional benefits

In addition to the regular Citizen’s Allowance, entitled persons can receive additional benefits under certain conditions, e.g. additional needs for pregnant women, single parents or people with disabilities as well as one-off benefits for special purchases.

Application procedure

The application for citizen’s allowance must be submitted to the relevant job centre. All documents required to verify the entitlement must be submitted.

Counselling and support

The job centres offer individual advice and support to promote integration into the labour market and overcome personal obstacles. This also includes further training and qualification programmes.

Right of appeal and legal action

In the event of discrepancies or a rejection of the application, recipients of citizen’s allowance have the right to lodge an objection and, if necessary, take legal action before the social court.

It is important for recipients of citizen’s allowance to know their rights and obligations and to take the necessary steps to secure their livelihood and improve their chances on the labour market. If you have specific questions or uncertainties, you should seek legal advice.

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